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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

The benefits of email marketing are huge for your business.  Times have evolved since Emails became a standard in the early ’70s, and today they are still considered the most preferred means to connect with our customers.
Moreover, the number of email holders is massive and continues to grow. Emails also convert consumers to customers more effectively than any other means. Below are ways to help you boost your email strategy:

  1. Grow Your Email List

One of the current markers of the value of blogs/websites is the number of email subscribers. Growing your email list enables your consumers to stay informed. They are updated on new products, changes to the company system, and more.

Most clients may not be quick to share their emails. It is recommendable to use specific means then to affect that. Offering valuable incentives upon subscribing, weekly, or with certain milestones attracts subscribers. Establishing credibility through clear call-to-action that leads to emails can also increase your list.

  1. Segment Your Subscribers List

Segmentation is breaking your subscribers into smaller groups based on criteria. For example, you can target your consumers with more relevant and personalized emails. Different subscribers have different desires and needs.

Tailoring emails increase engagement rates and decreased your unsubscribe rates. Additionally, it helps with follow-throughs. Knowing what a client wants helps boost overall communication. You can segment your list through preferences, interests, location, and more.

  1. Create Emails Suitable for Mobile Devices

Today, more than 52% of emails are opened on mobile phones and constantly increasing. The truth is, most of us marketing emails annoying. An email not optimized for my mobile phone is absolutely a turn-off. One device compatibility is a sure way to deter existing and new subscribers.

Surprisingly, mobile devices recovered some of your incurred costs on email marketing. The average revenue is known to be 4x more than a desktop email click. Therefore, email campaigns that are optimized for mobile result in the generation of a lot of revenue.

  1. Test, Test, Test, and more testing

As a digital marketer, you can and should A/B test everything. For emails, you can A/B try a range of details. By doing this, you get to understand your consumers better and benefit from email marketing. However, it is advisable to test one element at a time. You can test elements like design, theme, colors, call-to-action, email length, messaging, subject lines, and more.



  1. Automate Your Emails

Some emails are sent automatically when the consumer performs a specific action. On signing up or purchasing something online, you get an email. These are called trigger-based emails. Trigger-based emails perform better than traditional emails regarding open and click-through rates.
Even though the cost is higher, it remains an effective way to boost your numbers and revenue.

Ensure to get creative too and above all, provide value. It all comes down to giving your audience something to remember your product or service. Otherwise, your message will end up in the trash.

Email marketing is a process, be patient! Combining good planning and analyzing data to improve your campaigns will give you the results you want. This is just the beginning.

Start emailing!



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