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Data Points Vs. Data Insights: What is the difference?

In the world of marketing, data points and data insights sound similar. On many occasions, these two terms can confuse many people.  Here is a basic breakdown of the terms that you hear pretty often that sound similar but are very different.

In plain English, a data point is an element in a data set. For a simple example, let’s say you need to conduct a survey or questionnaire for your client/company to get feedback on two ideas to see which one the public likes better. A few possible data points in the feedback could be that 50 people in one sector like the 1st idea better and 150 like the 2nd idea better.
These data points are the base data and mean nothing unless you have other information to plug those numbers into, and then it can become an idea or framework to work of. If we were making a cake, data points would be the raw ingredients: Flour, eggs, sugar, etc. While it can be good to have those things, they aren’t a cake unless we do something with them. Data points don’t deliver any sort of results unless you add other items to them.

A Data Insight is the end result of data points that have been analyzed in the scope of what you are looking for. Let’s go back to our first example, your business has sent out a survey and questionnaire to 500 people in the area, and you’ve received 410 answers. A data insight would say that you have feedback from 82% of the people. You’ve taken the numbers from your data points and turned them into a percentage of people who like option 1 and a percentage who like option 2.
The results obtained are the information you can take to your client or team in charge of making the final decision and letting them know the insights to make an informed decision. With our second example, while data points are the ingredients, data insights are the final product, a finished and iced cake ready to eat.

In short words, Data points = the first step in the process.  Data insights = the final step in the process. Proper marketing technique requires knowing your target audience identify what will work best for that audience to get to your goal. If you are selling a product, you need to appeal to who you intend to sell it to. If you are promoting a service, you need to get it in front of those who would use it. To do this, you need accurate information. Always refer to the data and insights before making any decision, or your marketing strategy is likely to fail before it begins.

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