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Do’s and Don’ts for writing a Marketing Email

There is nothing worse than spending hours on an email marketing campaign only to find out that your email landed in the never to open spam folder.  One of the few old marketing strategies that are still effective is email marketing. With email marketing, you get to interact with potential clients on a personal level. With reports indicating that the number of email users is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025, this is a huge market you should look into. This large number of users and the incredible ROI of email marketing should be enough to persuade you to begin using it; if not, the low cost of this strategy must be the clincher.

Running a successful email marketing campaign entails more than simply drafting emails and sending them out. You need to get it right, or you will not get any positive results or end up classified as a spam sender. What should you do to have a successful email marketing campaign?  Look at the dos and don’ts for writing them.


  1. Go for catchy subject lines
    The subject line of your email will impact whether it is opened. Make a concerted effort to come up with a catchy topic line. Make the subject line enjoyable by including terms that entice the reader to learn more. Make the topic of the email as direct as possible and keep it short (about 50 characters).
  2. Personalize
    An email that is tailored talks directly to the recipient. An email that begins with a salutation and then the recipient’s name grabs their attention and makes them curious about what you have to give. One of the key advantages of email marketing is the personalized approach.
  3. Short …Please!

Nobody wants to read an email that is too long. A long email, no matter how much they love your business, is a significant turnoff. Make sure your emails are brief and straight to the point. Before addressing the primary topic, you may play with language, but don’t go overboard. In the fewest words possible, describe the advantages of buying from you.

  1. Make a solid call to action

At the end of the email, make it clear what action you want the recipient to take. Provide a direct link or a button that they can click. Your target audience will determine the method you should choose. This is a significant step because sending these emails converts readers into customers, not just to get them to read; remember, the goal is always a sell. It will have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign.

5. Do your Research and Test, Test, and Keep Testing
Every product has a specific target market; thus, the relevant emails will be diverse as well. To develop the best strategy, conduct market research to learn what your readers want, like, and require. To find out which email lengths and formats perform best with your target audience, experiment with different email lengths and forms.

Do Not:

1. Send too many emails

Bombarding your audience with emails will harm your marketing efforts. Your emails will undoubtedly land up in spam bins. Create a strategy that balances the frequency with which you send emails. This should be done every few days on average. As much as possible, stay away from daily emails.

  1. Overuse Images

Images take an excessive amount of time to load, and by the time they do, the reader’s attention may have waned. Images also make the email appear cluttered. Some people’s settings may even have images switched on, but they aren’t aware of it. Also, avoid flashy graphics.

  1. Be Too Formal

Your target client should be told about your product or service simply and informally; and if possible incorporate humor in it.

  1. Send out all emails at the same time

This is especially critical if your target audience is spread out across the country. Make some inquiries and send emails at the right moments. You can divide your email list into batches and send each set out at the appropriate time. Timing is crucial since it determines whether the person will be able to read the email.

You’ll be able to execute a successful email marketing campaign if you follow these dos and don’ts. With this marketing strategy, you can obtain a lot of conversions for a fraction of the expense.


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