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Fake it until we make it?

All of us have heard about “branding” and how important it is in business. It sounds like a simple concept, and it is, but most people get it wrong. This mistake can cause people to create a brand for themselves in a negative way, consequently developing a reputation that impedes them to reach their goals. Let’s talk about personal branding, how it affects your life, and what you can do to improve it. If you’re smart about how you’re branding yourself, success is inevitable.
So, what is branding anyway? It is a process of creating a name, product, sound, or symbol; it can pretty much be anything that will differentiate you from your competitors.

I had the chance to watch the film Ford vs. Ferrari, during my last flight coming back from Atlanta and immediately the marketer in me, awoke to make me reflect on the ways a brand like Ferrari made it this far.  Since the release of its first automobile— a 1947 125 S model– the iconic Prancing Horse logo with a history with Formula One racing, incredible technology, creative design, and lately their licensing name in a highly profitable retail division, Ferrari has become a multi-million dollar corporation. All the success has been attributed to branding itself and its luxury products for people who genuinely seek both high performance and sophistication.  Talk abou

t branding!


As a result of their successful branding, people will automatically associate the qualities of their vehicles to their recognized brand. It’s a lot easier to sell a luxury car to a rich person than it is the average Joe, after all. This concept applies to personal branding, as well.

3 Tips to positively brand yourself:

Why not just fake it until we make it?  Well, it is impossible.  Branding is not only part of a business language. It occurs in everyday life, as well. We all brand ourselves every day because our actions determine how people perceive us, and as a result, how they treat us. In most cases, people don’t even think about this, and their reputation, their brand, develops without efforts.

For example, maybe John is a fiasco without really realizing it. People may treat him nice hypocritically because they don’t want to deal with his poor behavior; John may not know it, but this could have a significant negative impact on his life in different ways.

Branding isn’t only about how you carry yourself through. It also has to do with circumstances outside your own hands that can affect you negatively.  

Easy and effective ways to work on improving your brand.

  • Be alert

It means that you need to take a moment to think about how your actions cause people to think about you, and this works in the same way when we are focus on creating a brand for a product or service. It comes down to being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes –customers–and being able to view yourself from their perspective.

  • Understand People’s Motives and Thoughts

Being mindful of your brand and analyzing how others feel and think of you can create a moral dilemma. You may start to wonder at what point are you improving your brand, and at what point are you just being manipulative. Where is that line exactly, and how do you avoid crossing it?  Here is a simple answer.

  • Focus on the Person/Brand you Want to Be

Forget the ‘Fake it until I make it mentality that would take you anywhere when you are trying to develop a brand for yourself or your product. Focus on being honest.  It goes a long way. It will attract consistency and a positive attitude towards you, just like it occurs in the business world. Start with these easy steps and apply them in the same way to strengthen your marketing strategies.

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