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Free and easy tools to understand your customers.

Don’t we all have the dream of one day quitting our job and finally fulfill our entrepreneurial dream?   Well, before you do that, you owe it to yourself to investigate that fantastic product or idea’s market viability and reduce the risk of having to maximize your business line or credit.

There are ways to do it.  One of them is called secondary market research, which includes mostly pre-existing data.

Nowadays, we are fortunate to have billion-dollar agencies that provide excessive amounts of information and tools to get you started on the ways to understanding your customers better, and best of all: it is free!

Market Research might sound a little bit overwhelming, but it is fundamental to understand its importance to discover your target audience’s wants, needs, and goals; therefore, provide the best possible product to fulfill them.

Here are my top valuable free tools available in determining market trends.

You can quickly kill few hours on these search engines and find out which keywords are increasing in popularity and provide suggestions for the other rising terms.

Google Ads gives you the ability to target your audience with specific interests while maintaining full control of your campaigns at all times. Pretty cool!

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Facebook and Instagram platforms are great tools that provide insights on what kind of material resonates best with your current market, what is happening in people’s minds, what areas they live in, ethnicity, age, annual income range, interests, you name it!

Another fast and easy way to quickly uncover what your customers are thinking, what they’re searching for, and ultimately what they’re buying.

Once you have done most of the learning on your own and are genuinely invested in understanding your customer behavior and need to move up to the major leagues;  a Primary Market research is the way to go.  I will further discuss this topic in my next post!

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