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How to Start Digital Marketing

Gone are the days your clients were looking for you on the thick yellow pages book. It is 2020, and Digital Marketing needs to be part of your business marketing plan. Even if you have a small, local business, customers will find you using their phone or other mobile devices.

Keep in mind these Digital Marketing tips and apply them to your small business

Use Social Media

Social media is a bit part of your digital marketing. Social media allows you to have a direct conversation with your customers.
Consistency is the key to Social Media. It is not necessary to use every platform but figure out what works with your products or services.
You should also plan on dividing your posts into one-third selling, one-third industry, and one-third fun.
If you offer a lot of instructions and demonstrations, Facebook is good for this. You can create Facebook Live events where you can demonstrate products and answer questions from viewers.
Because of Facebook’s format, you can have an opportunity for a more extended conversation with customers.

If your branding is very visual, Instagram is a winner. IG is a fun medium where people are open to trying new ideas and products.
Twitter is speedy and very popular. But you want to make sure that you use photos with your tweets.

Creating an infographic can help people understand a concept and help your business gain name recognition.

Video Marketing
Video is king, and it continues to grow. Have you considered creating a YouTube site? You can demonstrate product, unbox merchandise, or share your company story.

Have you signed up for Google My Business? It is a free service offered by the search site. You create a GMB account for each of your physical locations.
In each GMB, you will fill out your business address, your hours, what your business offers, good photographs, area of service, and social media. Don’t forget to include your business hours and if you offer delivery.
Over two-thirds of all people searching for a business on their smartphone are looking for a local business. GMB helps them find you.

Content Creator
Every business has the opportunity to create content. You know your business, and you know what customers need.
You can create an ultimate guide to your product. It can be a tool that will help your customers solve a problem, improve the quality of their life, or make a task more manageable.
Create content so that customers learn. The more customers who go to your site for guidance and information, the higher you will rank in search results.

Email Marketing
Unlike social media marketing, email marketing is something that you can control. A social media platform can change engagement rules, but if you have your customer’s email, that is yours alone.

You can get a customer’s email address in many ways. You can offer a special gift, an online calendar, or other handy pieces of information. In return, a customer will give you their email address.
So, what do you send in your emails? You can introduce a new product, share industry information, or give customers special deals.
Email marketing can also be a questionnaire. You can ask customers what they think about a product. You can learn more from this direct form of communication than anything else.
Your email newsletter can be anything you want. It is your direct communication with your customers.

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