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How to Write a Survey Questionnaire with meaningful results

Surveys are a fantastic way to get input from customers and gain insights about what your target audience thinks, feels, and most importantly, what they expect from you.  They appear to be simple to make, but that is not the case most of the time.

You will need to prepare to come up with successful research questions. Wrong questions elicit misleading responses from your target audience, resulting in poor decisions.

Where to begin 

To make it easy, begin by brainstorming a list of questions to ask the target group.  Starting with research answers ensures that all questions you want to ask are included in the survey and help eliminate the possibility of filling your survey with irrelevant questions.

These pointers will assist you in developing practical questions for your survey before you write complete detailed questions.

  1. Use simple and straightforward language.

Make your questions easy to answer by using simple, unambiguous language. The advantages of using primary and straightforward language are that your readers understand what is expected of them quickly and without having to reread more than once.

  1. Be specific
    Try as much as possible to be specific when asking the question as different people understand things differently.
  2. Break down big ideas into a series of questions
    The goal of this is to avoid confusing your target audience since big ideas are challenging to grasp.
  3. Avoid asking leading questions
    To get qualitative results to avoid showing questions that are more likely to be included in the survey’s results.


  1. Ask one question at a time
    This will allow the readers to think effectively before giving their opinions and while saving time during the process.


  1. Minimize the number of questions. Too many inquiries can cause people to quit before even starting the survey and creates confusion.

Lastly, always pretest your survey.

Give the survey to few people before conducting the actual test.  It is fundamental to make sure the readers are not getting a wrong impression or misinterpreting them.

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