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Keeping Up with Today’s Smart Buyers

Digital marketing is all about developing relationships and connecting with your audience. Selling in the digital age is about turning your audience into new buyers. As a result, if a business wants to increase its digital sales, it needs to combine its digital marketing strategy with digital selling activities.

Marketing and sales have evolved considerably over the last decade, and the main factor for this is that they have migrated into the digital space. Even though marketing and sales employ unique strategies, the end purpose for both departments is the same: to ensure profitability. As a result, if a company wants to enhance its sales, it needs to adapt some digital marketing strategies.

The days of traditional customers being led solely by price and functionality are long gone; today’s marketing business must contend with a younger, more digitally connected audience. They have gained a lot of control of their shopping experience; they research and share opinions, and they do it quickly.  The game has changed drastically. There is a digital war out there; buyers have become more sophisticated and involved in the sales process, so the question is, are we equipped to keep up with them?

I brought together three leading marketing experts to share their insight, and these are their thoughts:


Rafael Soltero,

International Business Consultant, and Sales & Entrepreneurship Consultant.

“I am sure that the influence of digital has been on both sides.  As data has become more accessible, sales teams are doing more analytics on that data to help segmentation and targeting, qualification, connecting anywhere, /anytime, making demonstration remotely, integrating data.  There is a lot of potential for using digital to enhance the sales process.”




Susana Trista Reyes,

International Account-Based Marketing

“Technology has transformed the way people consume information and make certain buying decisions. Therefore, it’s highly important to not disregard the benefits of Digital Marketing and incorporate these techniques into Digital Sales. The impact can be quite positive!”



Vanessa Ferrer,

Business Development and Marketing & Sales Manager

As technology grows, there are more opportunities to increase sales. However, many sales departments are still behind the modernized ways to sale; they are still attached to the old ways. Nevertheless, with the pandemic that just occurred, many had to step to the new modernized world and try zoom meetings and ways to stay connected to their consumers. Overall, I believe the sales team must step up more out of the comfort zone and start using new software and technology at our fingertips such as HubSpot, sales force, and any other CRM system that can help customer acquisition engagement and time management.

Now the opportunities to keep up with modernized, digital, and sophisticated ways to sell will be based on each company taking the appropriate course of actions to implement it to their organizations and train their personnel to stay modernized to stay up to date with buyers.”

Any business that intends to prosper in today’s environment must use both digital Selling and digital marketing. However, to develop a comprehensive strategy for increasing revenue, a company must understand its relationship and combine them. Sales and marketing now have more opportunities to collaborate because of the digital transition to create a consistent client experience.

The reality is that the digital era has completely democratized the flow of information, and our buyers love it.  Sales teams must take advantage of the tools we have in our hands and provide our customers with honest and distilled information to build trust. After all, we are the experts in our product, and they need to hear a genuine and unbiased approach, which our buyers could never find manipulating an electronic device.

If you believe we are here to serve our customers, ask yourself if your sales team is ready to handle them!

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