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The Power of Persuasion in Marketing

‘Persuasion occurs when trust and confidence meet belief, risk, tolerance and safety.’ 

Jeffrey Gitomer.

Besides being an art, persuasion is a critical skill that every sales and marketing agent should emphasize on. The overall marketing performance depends on the products and services promotion. In this context, persuasion becomes the main contributing factor in winning more clients. Perhaps, you may be wondering what the power of persuasion in marketing is. If this is your concern, this post is for you.

I will point at the best way to use persuasion as a powerful marketing tool.

  • Know your message
    It implies choosing a clean and convincing language. Please use an enjoyable message to capture customers’ attention and avoid persuading them to buy a product that does not convince you; practice what you advocate.
  • Know your audience
    With this, understand your recipient, how they will listen and how they’ll do so. It is because people exist on a spectrum. Some scrutinize every aspect of a massage.
  • So, you must identify and know your audience’s position. And use fact-based content when persuading.
  • Know your competition
    Knowing your competitors makes it easy to persuade customers to try new products rather than abandon those that they believe.
    At this point, use persuasive language to dismiss suspicious and conflicting information from the competing brands. In turn, this will help eat away consumers’ confidence in the other brand.

In essence, persuasion plays a critical part in marketing. Because it doesn’t only help marketing professionals develop messages to win clients, but also ensure they reach and bring more customers into the business. Unquestionably, persuasion is the main reason why companies and organizations have customers. Besides, it can change customers’ mentalities. It is a potent tool.

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