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Tips to improve your data presentation

Any presentation of information needs to be done in a way that shows more than just presenting ideas. It is essential to know how to give this information in a visually appealing way.  To help you do that, below, you will find easy tips for data presentation.

  • Understand your Audience,

Not everyone is good with numbers.  Always assume that people will have a hard time understanding the presented information unless we explained it in an organized and engaging way.  To understand what you are presenting, make sure you talk in a language that everyone understands. This means if its numbers, make them friendly and easily readable.
If using charts is involved, label and present your information simply and straightforwardly, like illustrative diagrams, to bring insights to the presented information. This helps a lot, especially for visual learners.  For example, create contrast with colors and shapes; and create a graphic pattern with a storytelling purpose in mind.

  • Always share one central point from your chart or slide,
    Giving out too much information just overwhelms or confuses your audience. The best way to give perfect understandable information through presentation is always to make sure that you elaborate more on one point from every chart, slide, or graph. Pick the most critical point or bulletin and give insights to it as you explain it to your audience.
  • Give credible information backed with vast research,
    To present credible ideas, the information should be backed up with statistics; extensive research must be done as per the results, deliver the right information and give correct statistics. Additionally, make emphasis on your most essential points that carry the weight of the presentation.

Always recognize the importance of presentation.  It matters a lot in any message you may want to convey to your audience. Don’t make the mistake of putting too much effort into compiling all that information and forgetting the crucial point, translating it to your audience.


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