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Top 4 Digital Communication Channels to Grow Your Business

There are numerous communication channels in today’s digital business environment. Digital communication can be overwhelming because we have to respond to everything we receive on digital platforms; but it is crucial that you know the best ways of managing digital communications to promote your business.

Email Channels

Despite the rise of newer common platforms, most businesses still use email marketing to communicate with their clients. In part because customers also prefer email as a channel of communication. After phone calls, email comes in second as a communication channel. Therefore, it is essential to create a well-organized email management plan focusing on simplicity, receptiveness, and speed to take advantage of email marketing’s benefits. You can do this by:

• Using customized templates
• Getting an email service provider that is capable of handling large-volume emails. The service provider usually has tools that ease interactions with customers.
• Automating emails makes the customer feel that they have been heard and their issue prioritized. It also eases email management for the marketing team.

Paid Ads


Paid advertising is the quickest way to direct targeted traffic to your website. It works well with different types of set up, such as audience retargeting and search campaigns. You can run paid ads on blogs, websites, search engines, and social media platforms. But how do you effectively manage paid ads?

• Find a marketing platform that permits campaign setups and scheduling and collect data using data analytics
• Try different types of paid advertising
• Manage organic traffic

Many businesses lack an optimized website or don’t know how to maintain it. When you launch a website, it is essential to integrate SEO to make it accessible to consumers. What you want is for people to find your product or service first when searching online. Try it doing it with:

• Affiliate marketing by finding credible affiliate websites to help direct more traffic your way
• Optimizing web content by creating educational content that aligns with your target audience to boost website SEO naturally.
• Blogging has been proven to improve organic traffic, allowing you to develop useful content that is valuable to potential customers.

Social Media Channels

Having and maintaining a social media following is mandatory in the current business environment. Open an account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to maximize the number of people you reach. However, it is time-consuming to manage social media channels, but here are ways to ease the process.

• Only share something valuable for posting, sharing, or retweeting
• Set up features that automatically reply to customers to acknowledge their queries
• Apply scheduling tools that allow you to auto-schedule posts and carry out useful data analysis

Mobile Phone

When you speak on the phone, you develop a direct connection with the person where you note their voice tone and talk more profoundly, resulting in a stronger relationship. Conversing through the phone reduces the margin for misinterpretation and creates opportunities for chatting at a personal level. Also, speaking directly to someone creates trust and authenticity compared to texting or emails. You should use phone communication in the following situations:

• When trying to resolve a complex and urgent issue
• When chasing a person. If an employee or a client ignores your messages and calls, you can call them and discuss the matter. Talking on the phone is quicker and produces immediate responses since you directly communicate with the person. Sometimes, you need to convey sad news or discuss a personal matter where empathy is required; and this result can only be achievable through a phone call or a face-to-face encounter.

The most important part is to know how to use the different tools of communication effectively. You should also be aware that different forms of digital communication appeal to specified audiences. Therefore, you have to identify your target audience to ensure that you communicate with them in a way that appeals to them.

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