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Two decades of Marketing

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my confused 81-year-old grandma the difference between marketing and sales.  Is it not the same?  She asked.  Good question.

Marketing and sales share the ultimate goal: maximize revenue.  Marketing is a whole system created to conceptualize, design, implement, and control to connect potential and existing customers to sellers. Sales are the transaction between buyers and sellers in which an exchange of tangibles (goods) and intangibles (services) to generate revenue. They complement each other just like you and grandpa.  She smiled.

Instantaneously, that question took me back two decades ago to my undergraduate days.  In the ’90s, organizations understood that brand development was the path to take to maximize their market presence.

During the last decade, a boom called digital marketing transformed the way people buy. We went from basically implementing strategies to push tangible products and services on customers, to a two-way communication system, adding value, narrowing targets, and lowering costs while focusing on pursuing customer satisfaction and profitable organizations. That transition has been the most significant step in the advancement of marketing. To go deeper into the evolution of marketing, I recommend reading D. Steven White’s article, The Evolution of Marketing.

Nowadays, the internet continues to change the way we reach our customers, giving them the power they lacked a decade ago by educating, offering alternatives, creating doubtfulness and finally offering convenience. 

The creation of monsters like Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing, allowed us to understand our customers better. Finally, the next big thing, social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and recently Tik Tok have made targeting, indisputable effective.

So, what is next? She asked.   We will discuss that on my next visit. But for now, let’s expect that technology will take the lead.

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