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Understanding Buyer Pschycolgy and Behavior

As soon as I stepped out of the elevator that takes me to my apartment unit, I bumped into my monthly VIP membership program yoga leggings-workout clothing subscription box recently delivered waiting for me to be opened.  So I did.  Just another pair of pants I immediately stuffed in my tiny closet space.  I can see the tags of the last three pairs busting out of the pile of clothes. I think I own 50 pairs already.  I’m not even kidding.   Right now, I asked myself why I keep buying these adorable yoga pants if I haven’t even stepped foot in a yoga studio in the last three years?

This scenario takes me to question my emotional stage and, simultaneously my behavior as a buyer. Can one be a product of the other or vice versa?

Let’ start by looking at the external and internal stimulus that can be causing this issue.  Could it be that the life difficulties I am actually encountering right at the start of my middle-age years be a crucial factor conditioning the need/desire to make these inexplicable purchases? probably I have just been targeted by social media advertising?  Or, perhaps this over-analyzing moment it is just buyer’s remorse.

And now as a marketer, it is undeniable the need to understand how all the Julianas out there –our costumers– are making their self-evaluations and gathering all the information needed to fulfill their needs/desire during the purchase process.

After all the steps I went through during my own purchase decision process I can interpret the need to influence both sides and ultimately use them all for the best interest of our customers and the prosperity of the organization.

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